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20180731 Back to Glasgow

Apologies for no blog updates since Friday 27 July; the north coast of Scotland has sparse / non-existent 3G connectivity. And I also needed to change my plans a little. Writing the Friday 27 blog on the afternoon of Saturday 28 July, it became clear that if I didn’t push on I’d not be back in Glasgow with time enough to then travel south to home, to clear out the motorhome and clean it [yes dull I know] before returning it for first thing on Friday 3 August. Undoubtedly I could have moved on more quickly in the first few days, but we are where we are and if I was to ‘complete’ the #nc500 then I needed to bin a number of the smaller / narrower roads [and you’d correctly argue some of the more interesting places] - yes folks I had to bin the likes of Strathy Point, Scrabaster, Dunnet Head, Girnigoe Castle, Dunrobin Castle and Loch Ness. But that’s all okay… it just means that next time I do the #northcoast500, I’ll approach from anti-clockwise… the scenery is stunning, with rolling hills and wide vista’s; yes different from the west side, but still equally impressive and yet to be done :) On whistle-stop tour down the east coast I did manage to stop at Aviemore; Tam and I both needed to stretch our legs from the good few hours driving starting at Brora. While I didn’t stop at any distilleries on this trip [and I do love my single malts], I did find a rather nice spirit shop, next to a Costa, and popped in few a wee sniff [I driving, nothing passed my lips. We found the Craigellachie NNR Trail and had time for a quick selfie… Parking in the Youth Hostel car park, which I think was the intended place for the start of this walk, I was expecting to find a tiny loch, Loch Puladdern, what we actually found was a dry ditch… yet all around was lush and green… felt a little cheated. For the next day or so I’m in Glasgow, and after a whole heap of driving this last week [1500 miles so far I think], I’m visiting places around Glasgow… depending on accessibility and costs, today this may include: Bothwell Castle, The Kelpies and The Falkirk Wheel. I may bin the Kelpies, their website is ambiguous as to whether there is a charge to enter Helix Park, although the fee may be just for the tour… we don’t do tours…
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